Panel Curtain

Panel curtains hang down from curtain rails like sheets that are raised and lowered by folding them up or down. They are usually lowered at night to provide privacy and raised during the day to provide a decorative window treatment. A panel curtain can have battens installed at regular intervals down the panel or it can be sold as one solid piece of material. Panel curtains provide a unique look to any room and can therefore be used for decoration. They are simple and elegant, and go with a range of decors from modern styles through to casual.

Panel curtains can act as sets of shelves or as fabric door to act as wardrobe cover. You can also redefine spaces in your room when you use them as temporary dividing walls. Panel curtains can also be used as window covers. You can choose between fabrics that that let in sufficient light to brighten a room or those that block out the sun completely.

Panel curtains fit on different sizes of windows, from large glass expanses through to small bathroom windows. Their fabric options range from heavy opaque materials with block out capabilities through to semi sheer materials. They come in a wide range of colors that you can choose from. The colors range from dark blacks through to clean whites, and anywhere in between. Though inexpensive and simple to make, panel curtains are the perfect combination of function and beauty. No matter what style you choose, they will be a great addition to your room.

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